3 Nephi 5:13

Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Rivadavia Week 11

Hermana Bonner didn't feel well enough to write anything today.  She has spent the last week with the amazing Mission nurse, Hermana Kathy Ashby.

Hermanas Ashby, Cuellar, Ferrel & Bonner

President and Hermana Goates, Office Elders and Hermanas Ashby and Bonner

Hermanas Cuellar, Bonner, Ferrell

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rivadavia Week 10: Como le va Familia?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rivadavia Week 9: The Argentine Hospital Experience!

Well this week was just crazy.  Yesterday we decided to cook breakfast for a family before church cause we want them to come to church.  So I was super excited and just cooking away and I decided to cut open something with an old pocket knife.  Well I cut my finger instead haha.  Blood was everywhere and my comp was dying.   The members put salt on it to stop the blooding and that was so painful and they were like we need to go to the hospital and I was like no its fine!   They came to church with us so YAY!!  But during church my finger would not stop bleeding so we went to the hospital.  They opened it up and could see my little tendons and so they started operating.  They were talking to me in Spanish thinking I can talk back when they are jabbing needles in me. But in the end everything was good and it was a fun adventure!  We don't really do to many exciting things on the mission so I needed that little adrenaline rush! 

Also this week... I FOUND PEANUT BUTTER!  I was crying it was the best day ever!   Prayers are answered haha.

We have been working really hard this week and I decided I would have been a really good pioneer cause I can walk forever and ever.  I also have a watch tan line so I guess you could say I'm a legit missionary now.  

Also one day we were teaching a lady named Ellie who is amazing and so sweet. Well someone knocked at the door and it was a Jehovah Witness.  WOW.  I froze up.  She started drilling us on everything we believe.  We responded with scriptures and then we realized we weren't getting anywhere.  She tried to tell us we need to drink to have fun in this life and God wants us to be happy.  We remembered the conference talk of respecting other religions and we told her we wanted to sing her a song.  So we sang a hymn and left.  We were dying after but we realized we handled it well and we were respectful.  We did all that we could and the Lord will now do his part!  

This week was filled with more hard trials.  But I was on the bus one day thinking, and it hit me.  Missionary Work will ALWAYS be hard.  But when am I ever going to experience this again?  It's like anything else.......Being a mom, going to school, having a church calling, going through hard times at work, when will we ever experience this again?  We only have limited time here on the earth and everything we go through is part of a plan. So that's the best thing is we only get certain experiences one time.  So we need to live them up!  We all have hard trials and go through hard things but every single one of us has amazing talents and abilities to make it through these hard times.  I'm grateful for all your support!  Love you all and have an amazing week! 
Hermana Bonner

Hermana's with the Alanez family

Hermana Bonner with my Zone wishing "Mom" a Happy Birthday!

Hermana Sorenson and I finally found PEANUT BUTTER!!

Flowers for "Merm's " Birthday!

 An old train station in Rivadavia!

I cut my finger with a pocket knife!

I might need stitches!  There's a first time for everything!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Rivadavia Week 8: General Conference Weekend!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rivadavia Week 7: Two Months!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rivadavia Week 6: Every Week is a New Adventure!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Rivadavia Week 5: One Transfer Down!

Hello everyone!

This week was another hard but great week in the mission. We gave a lot of service this week which I really liked, cause for one second I wasn't thinking of myself or how I was homesick. We painted a members house and that was super fun!  And then we weeded a ladies garden.  And not like pulling weeds.. we had this big tool and had to just sit and hit the ground with it.  I was dying it was so hard. Haha  but she fed us after and it was pretty good.  My comp used her bathroom and the water was broken.. so we were in the bathroom forever trying to figure something out and I was just laughing. Haha. 

Then me being Jamee.. Lost the keys to our pench so we were climbing walls and crying and got bit by bugs but we got in and then I found the keys in my pocket so there is another mission adventure. 

We got to go to the city and we had to do Visa paper work and it was a busy day.. so for lunch the elders bought us McDonalds and I was a little angry haha. Then I ate it and I secretly loved it!  Cause it was finally something AMERICAN.

 I gave one of our investigators a massage cause my comp said i would.. it was so awkward!  Haha but she loved it and we are teaching her again today.  So whatever I can do to get investigators I will!   This week I learned so much and I was talking with another Hermana from Utah and she was just crying cause she can't speak spanish or teach lessons. And I felt the need to talk to her. So i just said Hermana are you treating yourself the way Heavenly Father would want you to? And she said no.. That is something I have learned.  We all need to love ourselves.  We all are doing our best and trying to get through the hard days.  So be patient and loving and kind towards yourself.  Treat yourself the way you Heavenly Father would treat you.  Remember we all make mistakes but we can get through those and become better.  So this week everyone love yourself!!   Then go and love others :) 

I met the fam Marua and I couldn't handle them at first.  There house smells, and there kids are out of control and the husband smokes will we teach.  Last night we did a lesson with them and we walked in the house and I felt so much love. I LOVE that family so much now.  One of there sons is actually my boyfriend... He is 2,  yes I'm so lucky..  And the husband has a testimony that makes me cry.  I was patient with myself and know I love them.

Im so blessed to be here learning.  Even on the hard days when I cry I know the lord is blessing me and he is blessing all of you.  Love you all!!   Thanks for much for your letters or emails.  All your supportive words keep me going!  

Love Hermana Bonner

Hermanas Martinez y Bonner

Hermana Martinez fixing the toilet!

Companions--Hermanas Martinez y Bonner

Conferencias de Zona--Valle de Uco, San Martin, Godoy Cruz y Las Oficinas