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Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Week in Rivadavia: WOW!

Yes everyone I am here in ARGENTINA.  As you all remember I took luggauges the size of my whole family with me so getting here was embarassing to say the least.  To get to my area I had to ride a bus.  Just like any bus in South America.  Crappy and smelly.  Well we got on and it was full but that's fine we just shove as many people in as possible haha.  So I get on with my 3 luggages and then we were on our way to Rividavia.  Its an hour and a half a way from Mendoza. So I had to stand up cause it was full with 3 luggages the whole way and it was fine cause I'm a strong woman and it's part of the adventure right... HAHAHA jk I got to pench which is my room and I cried.  It was such a long trip.  My pench is pretty sketchy. haha.  Its pretty dirty and the shower sometimes works.  But seriously it has been a wake up call.  Im a so blessed. I honestly feel bad. Sisters here have maybe 2 skirts and they think my Ipod is the best thing ever.  Sisters here never have had a car and dont travel.  So I am blessed to say the least. I almost want to give everything away here because the Hermanas here are so humble. 

So first story.  We got to Mendoza after 2 days of traveling and it was so tiring.  An elder accidently took a man's lugguage cause it was black and this man saw.  To say the least he was mad.  He started screaming at us in Spanish andI knew what he was saying cause it was bad words.  He said our religon is F uped.  So.. I was angry about that.  He then started kicking all our luggauge and then walked past me and he SPIT on me.  Like hey welcome to Argentina... Oh I was furious. T hen he left and came back and tried to fight the Elder but sercurity came.. Wow it was an experience.  I was super upset. But that night I laid in bed and I was so tired and I was just praying for help.  And I found myself praying for that man that was mean to us.  I couldnt believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. On a mission its about the people and not me.  So I'm blessed for that experience.

 Since I am an honest person I will be honest. This has been the hardest week of my life.  No joke.  I have been homesick, I have cried, I have laughed andI I have prayed more than ever.  But the only reason I have made it through is by my companion.  Hermana Martinez from Nicaragua.  She is an angel.  I'm not kidding she is my best friend from the pre earth life. Her whole family is converts and she just loves everyone.  She comes from nothing and I am blessed so she has taught me so much.  I am so lucky to have her. 

Second story. We taught recent converts a lesson on faith. The Mercau family.  Brother Mercau has cancer and his wife Rosa, parkinsons. They blow my mind.  They have nothing.  Expect love and faith and tons of it. They said why are we both sick and why are we so poor and then they bore testimony that its God and he knows everything and he carries them through. They are at church everyweek and Rosa is in a lot of pain. So i massage her legs for her.  She was in so much pain right in the middle of Sacrament we gave her a Priesthood Blessing. 

I have seen so many beautiful things.  I know this is where I need to be.  My companion is helping me so much.  Argentina is the land of cows and I have not seen one so thats a JOKE.  I want to see these famous cows. I love this gospel and through God I can do hard things. I  love to see pictures so PLEASE email me pics everyone!  I have to get going but I want to challenge you all to PRAY.  By 10 in the morn I have prayed 5 times. All I can say is i am strong and still here because of that.  So 2 prayers a day.  It will change your whole day!  I promise.  Thanks for all your letters and support!  I love you all so much!!  Mom I love you!! 
Con Amor, Hermana Bonner

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