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Monday, September 1, 2014

Rivadavia Week 3: One Month Down!

Hermana Bonner eating an Argentine "Milanesa" sandwich---chopped beef, ham and eggs

Hermana Bonner found a little "Utah" in Argentina!

Hermanas Sorenson y Bonner

Okay i did it!!  I got that first awful terrible month done and out of the way.  I will not lie I feel like I have been out over a year. But that is okay we just keep pushing.  Everyone here tells me 3 months and then it all starts working. So patience Jam I can do it.

This week was a hard week but thats when we learn the most.  We had exchanges so I went with Hermana Sorensen to Maipu. She is from St. George so I finally spoke English and long story short I just balled to her and she was so sweet.  She goes home in December and so she really helped me with advice.  She asked me to teach and I said I couldn't.  But she made me.  And little did I know I actually do speak Spanish.  With the help of the spirit!!  Haha words just came out and I finally was happy with myself and where I was at.  I was there for a day and then came back to Riviadavia.  We worked and worked and had some lessons and 2 girls wanted to be baptized but now they are in the city and so we have to wait for them.  I have the faith though!  I know God's timing is perfect.

This week was a struggle.  I was sick for 2 days and then my comp was, so we slept and it was bad.  You just feel useless cause youre just doing something for yourself and not for others.  We didnt get any lunch appiontments so one day we were eating hard boiled eggs and rice and tomatoes its actually good.  Haha and Ii opened the oven and the boiling pot of water fell on my legs and feet and there went our lunch.  So I was upset after that.  We then had to study and it was sunday and I missed my family so much.  But I went and I prayed to the Lord.  And I just asked him for help.  I have never needed so much help I swear. And that's why this Gopsel is amazing.

 We all fall and sometimes we fall HARD.  But the Lord is ALWAYS there to pick us up and put us where we need to be.  And I need to be here.  And as hard as it is. I know it.  Cause I can feel it in my heart.  I know there is people here and for me, my mission is to forget myself and help others.  That's what this life is all about is, helping others.  Im not the best at it cause I cant speak Spanish with them but I have a love for them. I  love the people here and that's a good starting point.s So this week lets all have more love.  Cause that's all the Gospel is.  Just love!  I am blessed for all your love and support.  Thank you all and have a great week!  I know the Lord will always be there to pick you up. 

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