3 Nephi 5:13

Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rivadavia Week 4: Another Week!

Another week done!  This week went by pretty quick.  We were busy with zone conference in the city and so that was a whole day trip.  President Goates talked to us about getting members to church so they can feel peace. He is awesome!

I made brownies for my favorite family here who feeds us every week.  And I was doing so good and then they told me they dont have an oven... So i made them on the stove top and they were interesting.   They pretended to love them.  I was like okay stop these are so bad im sorry!  They are both converts,  They are in their 60s and never could have kids.  So they are my Argentine grandparents!  They bore their testimonies on Sunday and said they are blessed cause they have 2 Angels in Rividavia.  They were so sweet and they were referring to us so I just cried.  It made me so happy.

 We left their house and were walking and my companion is so sweet and goes.. Hermana I don't understand.. all you eat is fruit and you still gain weight!  Well bless here heart!  haha I was like THANKS  hermana for that. She was just trying to be nice haha.  My stomach honestly hates the food here. I  have been sick a lot..... So I decided to start taking the Activiva 14 day challenge.  No joke haha lets see how it goes!

This week was slow and hard again... i feel like all I do is complain but Missionary work is hard.  It will for sure be the hardest thing I do in my life.  But I'm blessed for that because a mission is the best 18 months FOR my life.

This week i learned so much.  I had members yelling at me for speaking English with an Elder cause I didnt understand them, or for turning on a heater, dumb things like that..... Argentines are crazy but I love them.           I learned that everyone is going through something.  Big or small.  Everyone sins big or small.  But that is life and that is why we are here.  So if someone offends you . All i can say is we have to get over it.  They are going through something we do not understand.  EVERYONE is a child of God.  No matter what they do or what they believe.  So this week.  Love everyone.  Cause this life is hard and we all mess up and go through rebellious times.  Everyone is always in need of something.  A hug, a compliment, a simple text.  So never forget what they are going through.  Love, be patient, and dont judge.  Because thats exaclty what our Savior did.  Thats what I am trying to work on this week!  Its tough but when we love, we feel more loved by the Savior and that is the best feeling.

Mom and dad Happy 25th Anniversary. You guys are seriously so great!! And such a hot couple. Im lucky for such good looking and supportive parents!  Dyl happy 2 year anniversary in the church!  Youre on a mission now and its crazy how far youve come.  I love you all and I pray for you each week! 

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